5 months, 28 days

Your first day home was

It’s six months later, and I no longer remember. There are pictures of you looking impossibly delicate, a blinky creature who doesn’t seem used to air yet. We set the whole house roaring with heat for you. Grandma came. Someone must have picked her up, probably Dad. Huckleberry stood aloof, watching, withholding. That night we must have put you in the Rock n Play. Or did we take turns holding you?

Your First Two Weeks

A day with you is

You sleep well. You sleep all the time. If we hold you, it seems there might be no end to your sleep. You suck heartily, too, until you drop off to sleep. You are stubborn in your sleep, unresponsive to foot-tickling or ear-rubbing. But at night, when we put you down, you don’t like to sleep but cry cry cry until we pick you up.

You wake up

when you sense that you are no longer being held. Even in the Rock n Play, you will only last 15 minutes before it hits you that something is, undeniably, up.

You’re very active when

it gets dark. The late evening hours, in particular. You are a night owl, a party girl.

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