6 months, 2 days

Your First Two Weeks (continued)

You seem to like it when

There’s no “seem” about it. You like it when we hold you, as every newborn does. You like it when there is a light to stare at. And (here we go) you seem to like it when Grandma sings to you, the same lullaby she sang to me, to your brother–Brahms’ “Good Evening, Good Night.”

Fifth and Sixth Months

You’re changing

you’re well into your Thumper stage now. Your sleep has consolidated. You cry less often. You smile more. Sometimes you even grace us with a laugh, your low chuckle.

And now you can

roll over, but, unconventionally, from back to belly first (and still not the other way around). Swallow solid food, which seems to intrigue you. Suck your feet with concentration and gusto. Sometimes chain nap cycles. Sleep through the night! Hooray and thank you!

You like

being kissed, being talked to. Sucking your fingers and toes, my fingers, your lower lip, your pink bunny, any piece of fabric you can reach. Gripping objects with your surprisingly strong little fist. Watching Beanie. Going to new places, which entrance you so much you refuse to sleep or eat. Taking long afternoon naps in our arms. Talking to us in your private, vowel-ly language, looking so intelligent that you’re almost intelligible.

And I’ll never forget

bringing you cherry-picking. I had some fantasy that we would recreate one of the photographs we took with Beanie where he had fallen asleep in the carrier, and Dad had piled cherries on his neck. But you never fell asleep (granted, we never put you in the carrier). It was a stiflingly hot day, but you didn’t complain, just swiveled your head around looking and looking and looking.

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